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Poland’s New Lawless Government

By Lucja Swiatkowski Cannon When the progressive coalition won the election in Poland on Oct. 15, there was an expectation that there would be major changes in the public sphere. However, when the new government was formed on Dec. 13 under leadership of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, it immediately started to attack its predecessors with police tactics and make threats …

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Davos. “NATO and the Future of Deterrence and Defense on Europe’s Eastern Front”

18 stycznia 2024 Excellencies, Ambassadors, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad that we are meeting this year, once again, in the Three Seas Hub, to discuss major security challenges facing NATO’s Eastern flank. The Vilnius Summit is over, and soon we will attend another, anniversary one, in Washington D.C. It is a good moment to reflect on how NATO should …

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Polish PM Threatens Polish President

Police nab two L&J lawmakers after PM Tusk threatens Polish president By Robert Strybel Warsaw Correspondent In Poland’s latest legal wrangle, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk (in photo) went on national TV to accuse President Andrzej Duda of “obstructing justice” by “hiding” convicted criminals and could face up to five years in prison. Law & Justice (L&J) lawmakers, former chief …

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Poland’s Donald Tusk Carries Out Pre-Christmas TVP Takeover

By Robert Strybel Warsaw Correspondent Warsaw–On 20 December 2023, a few minutes past 11 AM, people across Poland watching public TV’s main main news channel saw their screens go blank. The new, tough government chief Donald Tusk had ordered his takeover task force to switch off the station’s power. Simultaneously. his hand-picked replacements, backed by police, entered the offices of …

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Poland News Update For December

Compiled by Robert Strybel, Warsaw Correspondent (Updated December 2023) Polish PM designate struggles to win Sejm support, opposition enraged President Andrzej Duda has ignored the protests of Tusk’s enraged three-party coalition which accused him of deliberately delaying the start of their rule by entrusting he formation of a new government to outgoing Law and Justice (L&J) PM Morawiecki. But Duda …

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“Growing Pains” of Poland’s Emerging Government

Will the Polish-Polish war continue until May 2025? By Robert Strybel Warsaw Correspondent WARSAW–The unprecedented results of October’s presidential election have led to a longer than usual incubation period for a new government. The incumbent Law&Justice (L&J) party won the election by capturing more seats in the 460-member Sejm than any other grouping, but lost its majority after three rival …

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News From Poland – 11/10/23

Political tug-o-war continues over Poland’s new government Weeks after Poland’s national election, a new government still had not emerged. The hitherto ruling Law & Justice (L&J) party had won the election but lacked 37 seats to constitute a majority of at least 231 seats in the 460-member Sejm (lower house).   President Andrzej Duda, stuck to constitutional practice by first …

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Official Results of Poland’s General Election And Referendum

Compiled by Robert Strybel Warsaw Correspondent On 17 October 2023, the Polish State Electoral Commission announced the official results of Poland’s 15 October general election and referendum. The winner was the incumbent Law and Justice party which garnered 35.4% of the vote, giving it 196 seats in the 460-member Sejm, lower house of parliament. The largest opposition party, Civic Coalition, …

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News Bytes From Poland – September

Most Polish voters favor “4 x Times No” referendum — survey On election day (15 October), Poles will also be able to answer four key questions, with the government calling for a “4 × No” vote in a national referendum. To be binding, over 50% of eligible voters must take part, and as of now 55% of respondents said they …

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Polish News Bytes – August

Compiled by Robert Strybel Warsaw Correspondent Poland warns against Belarus-based Russian mercenaries Poland fears that  Russian mercenaries, exiled by Putin to Belarus, may try to to destabilize the region by waging hybrid warfare against neighboring Poland. PM Mateusz Morawiecki warned that the mercenaries could pose as migrants or Belarusian border guards to enter Poland. The 18-foot metal barrier, topped with …

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