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Feb 20, 2024

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High Time To Make Buildings Safe For Migratory Birds!

From hummingbirds to hawks, and warblers to woodpeckers, New Jersey is home to hundreds of migratory and resident bird species. Our state’s location along the Atlantic Flyway means huge increases in bird traffic during the spring and fall migration seasons. Migrations are inherently risky, as birds undertake journeys of hundreds or thousands of miles with no guarantee of finding sufficient …

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Wharton State Forest Plan To Control Illegal Motor Vehicles

New Jersey’s largest protected property, Wharton State Forest in the Pine Barrens, covers 195 square miles in Atlantic, Burlington and Camden counties. For perspective, it’s bigger than the entire land mass of Hudson County! Wharton is crossed by hundreds of miles of avenues used by motor vehicles, everything from highways to unpaved sand roads to single-track dirt bike trails. For …

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A Message of Hope for Earth’s Future

It’s easy to feel discouraged as we face the enormity of climate change and the mounting extinctions of plant and animal species. We may wonder: What can one person possibly do to help avert this unfolding catastrophe? Douglas Tallamy has a powerful message: Don’t give up, because every single person can make a difference! A New Jersey native and a …

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