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Make Your Own Luck

By Bryan Golden      What exactly is luck?  Why do some people appear to be luckier than others?  Is luck a question of chance, fate, or are there things you can do to improve your luck?  Actually, being lucky isn’t just a matter of luck at all.      Luck is a combination of attitude, mental orientation, preparation, and opportunity.  Typically, …

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It’s Who You Are, Not What You Have

By Bryan Golden It’s common for people to measure what they’ve accomplished by what they have accumulated.  Often a person is eager to show off how much they make, what they are worth, or what they own.  They erroneously believe their financial status is impressive. Although it’s true money comes as a result of service to others, how much you …

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Living Without Anger

By Bryan Golden      The “benefits” of anger are many.  Stress, anxiety, diminished judgment, reduced productivity, poor digestion, sleeplessness, elevated blood pressure, negative impact on relationships, unhappiness, and attraction of negative situations can all be yours just by being angry.      Anger repels people, destroys relationships, creates problems, intensifies problems, causes regret, burns bridges, and dissolves solutions. Anger doesn’t have …

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Just about everyone contemplates his or her purpose in life at some point.  Some discover their purpose.  Others struggle with searching for their purpose, never really satisfied they found it.  Then there are those who go through life never giving much thought to what their purpose is. Some of the questions people ask themselves are: Who am I?  Why am …

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Trying Too Hard

“Work like you don’t need the money.  Love like you’ve never been hurt.  Dance like nobody’s watching.” It sounds ridiculous, but it is possible to try too hard.  If you are constantly stressed, you may be trying too hard.  If the slightest setback, obstacle, or challenge creates a major disappointment, you are trying too hard. Life is a journey, not …

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America, West Headed for Collapse?

By Robert Strybel Why does everything seem to be deteriorating? Who is behind the “culture war” that is standing everything  on its head?  Many blame the “woke mob,” which only a few years ago hardly anybody had even heard of. People wonder how did they manage to take over the media, education, the corporate scene and entertainment industry so quickly? …

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Undervaluing The Role of Culture

By Bill Donohue The role of government, the economy, and social institutions have an enormous impact on our daily lives. Most of us understand the role that lawmakers, business leaders, and the family play in determining our wellbeing, but often underappreciated is the role that culture plays. Yet it is culture—the norms and values that serve as life’s guideposts—that ultimately …

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You’ll See It When You Believe It

You’ll See It When You Believe It A typical expression of skepticism is “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  This statement is a challenge to have a claim proven before it is believed.  Whereas this approach may be effective with regard to scientific principles, it fails when working with the power of the mind. We are constantly barraged with …

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Starting Over

Larry who was 55 years old, had worked for the same company for 25 years.  The company was then acquired by a large corporation.  Larry was being laid off as part of the corporate restructuring.  Larry didn’t know what he was going to do. He thought he was close to retirement.  But now, Larry was facing the prospect of starting …

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Drug Legalization Fails Miserably

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the failure of drug legalization: We have been told repeatedly that the “war on drugs” has been an utter failure. That’s because nothing can stop people from using illicit drugs. Worse, our failure to legalize them makes a black market inevitable. Therefore, it makes more sense to regulate drugs and get rid of …

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