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The IF in Life

By Bryan Golden Life is filled with ifs.  The ever constant dilemma is, “If I do this, what will happen?”  People also lament about the past with thoughts of “If I had only done things differently.”  Then there is worry about the future with “What will I do if that happens?” You can’t go forward in life when you are …

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Gov. Abbott Made Immigration #1 Issue

By Bill Donohue Whether one agrees with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to bus illegal aliens to sanctuary cities around the country or not, it is indisputable that he is responsible for making immigration the Number One issue in the nation. His gambit was sociologically brilliant. He turned what was perceived by most Americans to be a regional issue into …

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Public Views On Marriage And The Family

By Bill Donohue The Pew Research Center recently released extensive survey data on marriage and the family that yielded some conflicting results. On the one hand, the public is worried about the current state of affairs, but on the other hand it appears they don’t fully understand why. When asked about the future of the country, 40 percent said they …

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By Bryan Golden Focus is the deliberate concentration of all of your energy in order to attain a specific goal.  A laser beam is a perfect example of the power of focus.  By directing light rays in one unified direction, laser beams can be constructed that will cut through steel. A light bulb is the opposite of a laser.  From …

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Resistance To Change

By Bryan Golden ‘We feel comfortable with what is familiar.  Routines offer safety.  Change takes us into the unknown.  Change forces us onto new paths.  Change is resisted because it is easier not to change. Resistance to change isn’t based on logic, it’s based on fear of the unfamiliar.  Resistance to change limit’s your benefiting from new opportunities.  It provides …

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Thanksgiving Tribute To Families

By Bill Donohue Thanksgiving is the quintessential family get-together event, so I thought it apropos to share my thoughts on what makes good families tick. As a sociologist who has taught college classes on the family, and as one who has written extensively on the subject, it is my considered judgment that strong families are not built on luck or …

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Make Your Own Luck

By Bryan Golden      What exactly is luck?  Why do some people appear to be luckier than others?  Is luck a question of chance, fate, or are there things you can do to improve your luck?  Actually, being lucky isn’t just a matter of luck at all.      Luck is a combination of attitude, mental orientation, preparation, and opportunity.  Typically, …

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It’s Who You Are, Not What You Have

By Bryan Golden It’s common for people to measure what they’ve accomplished by what they have accumulated.  Often a person is eager to show off how much they make, what they are worth, or what they own.  They erroneously believe their financial status is impressive. Although it’s true money comes as a result of service to others, how much you …

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Living Without Anger

By Bryan Golden      The “benefits” of anger are many.  Stress, anxiety, diminished judgment, reduced productivity, poor digestion, sleeplessness, elevated blood pressure, negative impact on relationships, unhappiness, and attraction of negative situations can all be yours just by being angry.      Anger repels people, destroys relationships, creates problems, intensifies problems, causes regret, burns bridges, and dissolves solutions. Anger doesn’t have …

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Just about everyone contemplates his or her purpose in life at some point.  Some discover their purpose.  Others struggle with searching for their purpose, never really satisfied they found it.  Then there are those who go through life never giving much thought to what their purpose is. Some of the questions people ask themselves are: Who am I?  Why am …

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