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May 18, 2024

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Explore Your Heritage – Journey to Poland

We are thrilled to introduce an incredible opportunity offered for the first time by Heritage Polonia. It’s a 10-day immersive experience into Poland designed for young Americans of Polish origin or those interested in Poland. The Journey To Poland is slated for July 7-18, 2024 The American Institute of Polish Culture is excited to promote the Heritage Polonia Program bringing the beauty and rich …

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Klimczewska’s Choreography Makes Poland Proud

By JOHN CZOP The 2019 book by John Meacham and Tim McGraw, Songs of America:  Patriotism, Protest, and the Music That Made a Nation, shows how music and dance simultaneously expressed and created America’s values from 1776 to the present. Music and dance are playing a similar role in today’s Poland which is showing leadership in a dangerous political context marked …

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Weimar Triangle: Europe’s New Engine

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as broader concerns on the future European security have raised the need for closer cooperation among the three EU nations of France, Germany, and Poland. The meeting of French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on March 15, 2024 revitalized a dormant alliance—the Weimar Triangle. …

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Polish Leaders Visit President Biden At White House

Poland marks 25th anniversary of joining NATO By Robert Strybel Warsaw Correspondent WARSAW–Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Donald Tusk paid a joint visit to President Joe Biden at his invitation The occasion was the 25th anniversary of Poland’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). That would be nothing unusual except for the fact that the two leaders …

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Golden Awards For Lifetime Achievement

Presented by Helena Modjeska Art & Culture Club By Dr. Maja Trochimczyk, President CALIFORNIA – On March 9, 2024, in Beverly Hills, the Helena Modjeska Art & Culture Club in Los Angeles offered its newest Golden Awards for lifetime achievement in the field of film to two outstanding directors, producers, screenwriters – icons of Polish cinema – Jerzy Antczak and …

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Why Joe Biden Is Taking The New Polish Government To Task

By Dr. Lucja Swiatkowski Cannon Monday, 11 March 2024 11:37 AM EDT U.S. President Joe Biden has invited to the White House, both the president of Poland Andrzej Duda and (new) Prime Minister Donald Tusk, to discuss security cooperation and aid to Ukraine. The meeting is scheduled to take place tomorrow, on March 12. Photo: The president of Poland Andrzej Duda …

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Polish Americans Against Poland’s Military Engagement In Ukraine

Open Letter from Polish Americans and other Polish expats to Andrzej Duda, Donald Tusk, Radoslaw Sikorski, Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska and Szymon Holownia, ahead of the Polish President’s and the Polish Prime Minister’s visit to the White House on March 12, 2024. February 29, 2024 Andrzej Duda, President of Poland Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, Marszałek Senatu Szymon Hołownia, …

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Putin’s Appeal to U.S. Audience Duplicitous

By Dr. Lucja Cannon Friday, 23 February 2024 10:33 AM EST In his Tucker Carlson interview, Vladimir Putin gave a two-hour historical lecture, which was tedious and cynical because it contained all his previous propaganda themes, beginning in the 1990’s, illustrating his obsession with distorted Russian imperial history. PHOTO: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin attends a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb …

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Technology Is Increasingly Stressful for People, Says Psychologist

‘More and more people are affected by the so-called technostress. It has various aspects – from the abundance of terrifying news and the pressure of having the latest gadgets, to social isolation, digital exclusion and fear of the future. It will probably get worse,’ Dr. Konrad Maj from SWPS University tells the Polish Press Agency (PAP).   Dr. Konrad Maj …

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Dismissing Top Military Official, Zelensky Makes Risky, Politicized Move

By  Lucja Swiatkowski Cannon February 12, 2024 5:25 pm The military situation in Ukraine is critical. It is under the relentless assault of the Russian army and is losing ground. It lacks soldiers and ammunition to respond effectively. Yet this is the moment that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky chose to dismiss “Iron General” Valery Zaluzhny, the widely popular commander of the Ukrainian army, and replace him with Gen. Olexander Syrski, …

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