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Feb 22, 2024

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After Midnight At The Paper Mill

By Jim Dombrowski The Post Eagle Newspaper has been in publication for over 50 years promoting ethnic pride for Polish culture. It has brought to light the achievements of Polish Americans born both in the United States and Poland.  The Post Eagle has highlighted Polish athletes, politicians, musicians, actors and actresses, and much more. Being Polish (James Dombrowski), I have …

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The Peasants

Movie “The Peasants” (“Chłopi”) opened recently in Los Angeles, is also currently playing in New York and will be shown in San Francisco next week and coming soon to the theaters nationwide. Show times and locations:  TICKET WEBSITE Trailer: By Małgorzata Margo Schulz “THE PEASANTS” set in rural early twentieth century Poland is based on the novel by Wladyslaw Reymont …

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Fiddler – A Musical Success

By James Dombrowski The Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ is celebrating its 85th Anniversary as one of the country’s best regional theatres. Having received the Tony Award for “Best Theatre in America” with its closeness to Broadway and the scrutiny of the metropolitan area’s media critics, the productions taking place are as good as any Broadway show. The classic …

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Gatsby Is Great At Paper Mill

Opening Night A Blowout Success By Bob Nesoff With it’s first show of the 23-24 season Paper Mill Playhouse has once again shown that there is no need to spend big bucks by going to a Broadway theater. Tickets there are expensive. You need a bank loan to park. And the new money-grab slated for spring and called “Congestion Pricing” …

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A Celebrity Magnet

Hunt & Fish Club: New York’s Hottest Restaurant By Bob Nesoff What do actor John Travolta, Yankee baseball great C.C. Sabathia and mob scion John Gotti Jr. have in common? New York’s hottest eatery for celebrity watching…the Hunt & Fish Club. Ordinary people frequent the H&F (as regulars refer to it) as well those you see in the movies, on …

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Paper Mill’s 2022-23 Curtain Calls with “Rent”

By Jim Dombrowski NEW JERSEY – The best regional theater in America, the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, is ending its 2022-23 Season with the production of “Rent” through July 2. This is a fabulous revival of a Broadway show that garnered great reviews. The timeless themes are more relevant today than possibly at the debut of the show. The …

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Curacao, Amazing Above
Or Below The Surface

Traveling With Bob Nesoff Travel Editor With rumors that the pandemic is on the wane (maybe) tourism is opening up again. Many destinations have either relaxed or done away with restrictions on visitors to their territory. Cruise ships that normally cater to thousands of passengers, have opted to limit the number of guests on each cruise. Amongst the major beneficiaries …

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