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Polish Easter Customs

  Eastertime has come upon us once again and along with it comes all the traditional customs that we Polonians have observed since the time of our forefathers.   Polish Easter customs are many and often vary from one region to another. In all Poland, however, the first thought of Easter occurs on Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. On …

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Christmas and New Year’s Traditions

By Edward Wilczynski ‘Imagine yourself to be in a Polish city on the afternoon of December 24th in the 1970’s…. As dusk approaches, the frantically busy streets are suddenly empty of all people except those few who must work in some essential service — police, bus drivers, health service personnel, etc. One feels an almost enchanted expectation as the blue-gray …

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The Joys of Being Polish!

Do any of these people, places and things ring a bell? By Robert Strybel Polish/Polonian Affairs Writer What sets PolAms apart from Americans of Irish, Italian, German, Hispanic, Jewish, African, Arab or Oriental ancestry? Naturally, the answers will differ from person to person and place to place, but if you are of Polish descent, some of the following situations or …

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