Did Jesus Touch You?

Greetings: The article below, with all the quotes about how to receive Communion got me thinking and I just had to Rant a bit about it all.  This might seem like a “small matter” and even an unimportant matter to many people….. and if it does….. it is because they either are taking Jesus for granted….. OR….. because […]

How Loving Are We Really?

GREETINGS: Do you remember a television program called “To Tell the Truth”? Three individuals would claim to be the same person and the panel had to guess who was lying and who was telling the truth. The liars would try their best to confuse with wild stories. It wasn’t always easy to guess who was […]

Upbeat and Positive Young Saint

Greeting: Someone just eMailed me this message which made me laugh and which I really appreciated and find encouraging. They said: “Father, we need your rants…. please don’t go all ‘nice’ and squishy on us!!” I hope the Rant below is not too “nice and squishy!” It’s about a very upbeat and positive young saint […]

Find Jesus In Our Lives!

Greetings: You may not think it at first, but this Rant is a very upbeat and positive message… Someone just sent me a photo of Evil Sleepy Joe the Baby Killer with a caption that read: “when you have an idiot in charge, those who voted for him are well represented.” I thought that was a bit harsh….. […]

Get Ready for Easter!

GREETINGS: Do you think that people can change? Do you think that people with addictions can change? Do you think that bad people can change into good people? Do you think that people who are fearless can become fearful and do you think that people who are fearful can become fearless?   I think that […]

We Have WORK To Do!!!!

Greetings: This little article below is something to think about. Too many of us these days are so filled with fear, paranoia, and an attitude of selfish self-centeredness, that reading it might make some of us a little uncomfortable and even “offended”…. but be a good little soldier and read it:   I had spent an hour in the […]

An Old Polish Parable

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