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Jul 14, 2024

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“Cat & Mouse”… The Games People Play

It is amazing to me how on both sides of a relationship they each think that they are smarter than the other. Sitting on the outside and looking in on this…it is comical to watch… is like they both just fell off the turnip truck! (Neither on knows it.)

Getting one over on the other is the game in the relationship. One lies and the other person either believes the lies or makes excuses for what they hear. Being in a “cat and mouse” relationship always keeps things interesting…because you never know if you are coming or going! You are never bored but always entertained. One day your emotions run high…….the next your balloon is getting busted. Another day you are not talking but just waiting for the next move on the game board.

Who wants to live like this? I could never stand “being toyed with”, and really knowing it but not admitting to it. What kind of relationship is this? (Surely nothing to write home about.) The cat and mouse game is a game…not a relationship! These are two people using each other and feeding off of each other’s weak points. And the game goes on…maybe for years!

What a shame that all their focus is on waste. Their life is flying by and nothing is being gained, they are wallowing in “who will win this round of cat and mouse”. This is both immature and controlling; they both want to control the outcome of their twosome. The games people play!

If you keep it interesting, loving and honest, you may just have a relationship and a good relationship at that…. instead of a game!

There is a difference between a game and a relationship you know! No one wins this one, you are just keeping each other entertained!

Volume XII, Article 37