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Carnival Celebration
At St. Stephen’s – Bl. John Paul II Parish


bieg_do_babciforwebBeing very tired from the everyday routine, as well as the cold, snowy winter, we all try to find something joyful. Sunday has always been a very special day for family gatherings and celebrations for various occasions. And since Carnival was coming to an end, Sunday, March 2nd was a great opportunity to celebrate.

On Sunday, March 2nd, we participated in the solemn Mass at St. Stephen Church – Bl. John Paul II Parish in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The Holy Mass was prepared by our first grade students and Catechists from the Polish CCD. After the Mass, the Carnival Party took place, which was prepared by children from Kindergarten and 7th grade of our CCD. Beautiful, colorful costumes of cartoon characters – mostly dominated by Cinderellas,  Fairies, Batmen, warriors – amazed the audience. In addition, good music, interesting contests and activities made this day a special occasion for all. The Parish Auditorium was full of joy – children singing and dancing. We also awarded the participants of the contest titled -Children for Children-Your gift of Heart. Moreover, everyone had an occasion to eat something sweet and tasty.

Blessed Paul II Parish is a special place where parishioners together with all the Fathers Redemptorists and Pastor W.  Latkowski always organize something interesting and joyful for all.  The best example of it was the play of “Rzepka” by Julian Tuwim, emphasizing that this year is dedicated to the famous writer.

karnawa_2forweb  All the children, parents and teachers had a lot of fun during this Carnival Celebration. Everything as always was supervised by the Parish Fathers Redemptorists.

Blessed John Paul II Parish in Perth Amboy is a place where everyone can find help and support in a nice and friendly atmosphere. It is the place where people gather to share their Polish roots and Faith in God.  It is also a place that shows multicultural unity and cooperation.

We want to invite all of you for the following interesting events that will take place in our Parish: On March 16, 2014, teenagers are invited for movie night, and at the same time, a meeting for the Summer Camp chaperones will be held. The subject of the meeting will be the Sacrament of the Reconciliation. In addition, on April 13, 2014, the Palm Sunday Parish Breakfast and Easter Fair will take place. It is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and enjoy a delicious breakfast and buy Easter souvenirs and cakes. We also want to invite all who are interested and willing to help us in all our undertakings.  Our main goal is to encourage the younger generation to be active members of our Parish community, but especially to be faithful, helpful, dedicated and loving people.

karnawaowe_szalestwa_2forweb For more information, please check our website: www.

By Magdalena Domaradzki