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Capitol Hill Conference On Poland:
“Poland Reborn – 100 Years
of Struggle and Glory”

WASHINGTON, D.C. On September 7, 2018, the American Polonia will celebrate the Centennial of the Rebirth of Poland with the conference entitled “Poland Reborn, 100 Years of Struggle and Glory.” On this occasion, leaders of the Polish-American community will come together on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to call attention to the momentous events in Poland’s history during the past 100 years.

Please join us in celebrating Poland Reborn – 100 years of Struggle and Glory! on September 7, 2018,  1:00 PM at the Rayburn Building, Room 2168, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.

While celebrating Poland’s independence, we want to call attention to the fact that while Poland is under constant threat of being lured into the Russian sphere of influence by propaganda, fake news, and information warfare, the United States and Europe need a strong Poland as a firm ally and good friend.

We welcome the opportunity to share our past and future with the public as we celebrate major contributions of Poland to liberty, peace and security in Europe and beyond on September 7th in Washington, DC.

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Coalition of Polish Americans