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May 19, 2024

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Today’s word is CANARY which comes from the Latin word CANIS which means DOG.

The Romans sailed beyond the Rock of Gibraltar and came upon a group of islands west of the African continent. The sailors were greeted by large yellow haired dogs which inhabited this particular island. Therefore, they named this the Island of the Dogs. Many years later, little songbirds were discovered there. These birds were named after the island on which they were found. Hence, from CANARIUS which meanspertaining to the dogs, we get the name of the bird CANARY.

The word CANINE also comes from this word and means… pertaining to or about dogs.

An old Latin proverb and warning was found in Mosaic on the entry floor of a home that was discovered in the excavation of the ruined city Pompeii. It stated CAVE CANEM – BEWARE OF THE DOG. On many good products which are sold can be found a similar Latin saying which is CAVEAT EMPTOR – meaning – LET THE BUYER BEWARE. The word EMPTOR  – meaning – BUYER