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Jun 12, 2024

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Bridging Urban America –
The Story of Ralph Modjeski Documentary

IRVINE CA: A new documentary pays tribute to an engineering genius at a time when our country is taking a closer look at the critical state of our bridges. How a world-class musician-turned-civil-engineer modernized America and progressed a nation. See movie trailer:

Filmmaking and producing team Basia + Leonard Myszynski of sOlar eye communications is seeking post-production funding for Bridging Urban America-The Story of Ralph Modjeski during its final week of an Indiegogo Campaign: $170,000 was raised with $22,000 left to raise for editing and animation. Contributions and sponsorships are welcomed. Only eight days left! Incentives include fine art and limited edition images from a movie-inspired bridge photography album entitled Urban Man.

The film is about Ralph Modjeski, his passions and his life’s accomplishments — how a Polish-born Paris-trained master builder transformed cities and commerce through innovation, diplomacy and ingenuity and how his strategically designed superstructures remain significant today. 20th century meets 21st century. The interplay between art and science.

Film production has been completed — eight major bridges and twelve North American cities. Dramatic helicopter aerials and drone-operated cameras capture the beauty and immensity of these structures. Powerful testaments from experts in their fields on Modjeski’s role in the creation of these railroad and highway bridges expose his impact on engineering and transportation history In America.

We are more dependent on bridges than ever before. Based on Modjeski’s beliefs, negligence, ignorance and arrogance will be the beginning of our downfall. The key to the future of America’s infrastructure is in its rehabilitation, adaptability, reuse and in our perception of the state of our bridges.

BayBridge_9770 copyforwebBridging Urban America is a modern film that speaks to all generations. It’s educational and relevant and will shed a positive light on engineering leadership and Polish-American communities.


A previous documentary produced by the filmmakers about Ralph’s mother and Shakespearean actress provides a cultural and historical perspective on the bond between mother and son. Modjeska-Woman Triumphant  See Movie website:

“This outstanding film about a visionary engineer and America’s bridges could not have come at a better time, showing as it does the importance of infrastructure to a nation’s economy, culture, and sense of self-worth.” –Henry Petroski, Professor of Civil Engineering and history, Duke University; author of Engineers of Dreams: Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America

Coming soon – A film about the power to build, influence and progress.


MidHudsonBridgforweb2Please visit our website: and for more details or contact Basia directly at 949 400 7193 /


IN PHOTO: BELOW: Basia & Leonard