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Apr 20, 2024

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Brexit Should Focus US
On Illegal Immigration

Dear Editor:

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was in large part a revolt against the impact of massive immigration.  Many British voters found that they were suffering from the unchecked influx of foreigners.

The United States must also decide whether to take action against immigration, especially concerning the millions who are already here illegally.  The effect on jobs, wages, taxes, and even personal safety has forced Americans to consider what must be done to cut off illegal immigration.

The June 23 Supreme Court decision blocking President Obama’s amnesty program has given us time to try to reach a national consensus.  Because this is an election year, we can have a debate over the best way to deal with this illegal population of more than ten million people.  We must restore the rule of law, a vital concept that has been trampled upon for the past six and a half years.

Peter J. Thomas
Chairman, Americans for Constitutional Liberty
332 W. Lee Highway, Ste 221
Warrenton, VA  20186