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Booker Landslide Victory In Dems Primary

NEW JERSEY – Newark Mayor and former Bergen County resident Corey Booker moved one step closer to the United States Senate recently in a landslide victory over his two Congressional opponents.  Booker addressed a huge crowd gathered on victory plaza adjacent to the Prudential Center in Newark with a stirring speech; he thanked his opponents and noted their important work in Congress, and gave credit to the deceased Frank Lautenberg for being a strong voice for New Jersey in the United States Senate.

DSC_0549  Booker spoke under the night sky and dodged the rain as he now prepares for an October 16th showdown with former small town Mayor of Bogota Steve Lonegan. Booker the Democrat and Lonegan the Republican will meet in an unprecedented Wednesday election for the one year remaining on Sen. Lautenberg’s senate term.   Governor Christie set the ball in motion when he decided to allow an election instead of picking a candidate to serve the remaining one year.

With little over 8 weeks until the election, Booker and Lonegan, who contrast on every issue imaginable, should have no problem attracting New York media attention because of Lonegan’s conservative views which most experts feel run contrary to New Jersey’s voters attitudes. In a state with Democrats outnumbering Republicans, and an ever increasing amount of ethnic diversity gaining control, Lonegan may have a hard time attracting moderate Republicans who elected Republican Governor Christie and seem to be favoring Christie for re-election in November.

Christie has in fact drawn huge support from Democrats across the state while his Democratic opponent Barbara Buono has run a campaign that is searching for media attention.

On the other hand, Booker and Lonegan could offer some sparks and make for good television.  Lonegan has been known to be critical of minorities. He has already poked fun at Newark, a city that Booker won re-election and has attempted to transform it into an inclusive place for business growth and better education of its citizens.

Booker received a big boost last week when the new owner of the Devils and Prudential Center, billionaire Joshua Harris, took over control of the property from Jeff Vanderbeek. The owner of the Philadelphia 76ers paid more than the prevailing amount, expressing positives thoughts about coming to  Newark. Harris, with roots in Newark and a desire to better the surrounding area around the Prudential Center, reinforces the state’s largest city as being a desirable location to do business and attract fans.  There has been rumors that Harris may also want to move the 76ers to Newark.

Keep your eyes focused on any debates between Booker and Lonegan. The next 8 weeks should be very entertaining if you like politics. The race for New York City Mayor is also going on and unfortunately New Jersey usually takes a back seat being in the same television market but Lonegan’s unpredictable behavior could keep the medias’ eyes on New Jersey.

By James Dombrowski