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May 21, 2024

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Bingo & Ice Cream Sundaes!

NEW JERSEY – The Clifton Recreation Department hosted “Sundae Bingo” on Sunday, March 6, 2016 at the Community Recreation Center. All in attendance enjoyed an afternoon of Bingo, prizes and you guessed it…Ice-Cream Sundaes! 188 people waited to hear their lucky letter and number combination called in hopes that they would be the first to yell out BINGO! Some of the lucky winners included Shannon Chameers, Stephan Troller, Kelly Troller, Anthony Dixon, Andrew Davison, William Curtin, Brandan Rosas, Hailey Trabucco, Melissa Garth, Johnathon Avenca, Molly Mautone, Hisham Ettayebi, Miranda Mattila, Deandre Howard, Matthew Rose, Dairyienne Briggs, Amanda Presutto, Erica Sokol, Addison Dubravsky, Youseph Abdel-Jawad, Audrey Ligas, Loutain Koubeissi, Casey Wallins, Asumion Avaniena, Sheila Dixon, Tahmir Barnes, Jon Wellins, Greg Donetz, Natalie Cabral, Samantha Presutto, Valeria Silva, Gabriela Lopez, and Christopher Freyland. Volunteers issued consolation prizes to all the other participants who did not win a bingo game. Finally, everyone added chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries, and many more toppings to their ice cream and finished the day off sweetly.