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Bergen County Clerk John Hogan Cited
For Continuous Support For Responders

By Bob Nesoff

NEW JERSEY – Bergen County Clerk John Hogan was presented with a certificate honoring him for support he has shown in support for First Responders.

The certificate was given to Hogan by officer of Responders Run, a motorcycle rally dedicated to raising funds for police, fire, EMTs, Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Disables American Veterans.

“John has been a supporter, both financially and actively for years in these efforts,” commented Bob Nesoff, Responders Run president. “He has attended every function we’ve conducted and has been there whenever called upon to help.

“The funds we’ve raised were recently used to help the family of Jersey City Police Detective Joseph Seal who was murdered by domestic terrorists in December. In March a donation will be made to Zoe Goble, the six-year-old daughter of Green Beret Sergeant First Class Michael Goble, who grew up in Bergen County, and was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan,” Nesoff continued. “Zoe and her mother are in Florida and will be returning to New Jersey shortly.”

Hogan was at the inaugural Responders Run motorcycle rally last August that ran from the Paramus VFW on a route through the county and then back for an after party.

“These responders are there for us at all times,” added Peter Rebsch,” Responders Run vice president. “They don’t stop and hesitate. That was shown tragically with Det. Seal and SFC. Goble. We need to be there for them so that they know their families will not be forgotten.”

Respnders Run is incorporated in New Jersey as a non-profit and has no paid employees or officers. It is conducted entirely by volunteers. The IRS has awarded it a 501(c)3 tax exempt designation. It raises funds from motorcyclist participants, generous sponsors, such as Hogan, concerned citizens and other entities such as he New York Giants Football Team.

Responders Run will hold its next rally with a new and exciting route, on Aug. 2 from the Paramus VFW building off Rt. 17 North. For information contact Following the run there will be an after party with food and entertainment by County Singer Kenny Curcio. Riders pay $25 participation fee, passengers $15 and walk-ins $10. Commemorative tee-shirts will be given to the first 200 riders. Passengers and walk-ins may purchase them.


Photo Caption
John Hogan, Bergen County Clerk, is presented with a certificate of appreciation for his continuous support of First Responders and the Responders Run Motorcycle Rally. Making the presentation are Responders Run officer (l-r) Howard Cohn, secretary; Bob Nesoff, president; County Clerk Hogan; Peter Rebsch, vice president.