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May 19, 2024

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The words for today are BARBARA, BARBER, BARBARIAN, LOMBARDY, and LUMBER. The Romans called the tribes living on the other side of the Alps – BARBARIANS – because they had heavy beards. The Latin word – BARBA – means BEARD. Later the word also meant – UNCOUTH, FOREIGNER. The barbarians, of course, were not so educated nor domesticated as the Romans and that is why the meaning – UNCOUTH  – was applied. BARBARA – was – A FEMALE foreigner. BARBER – was ONE WHO SHAVED BEARDS.  A group of barbarians who migrated into Italy had very long beards and they were called – LONGA BARBA or LONGO BARBI or LONGO BARDI. They settled in a region which quickly took on this name and now is – LOMBARDY. These barbarians were woodsmen and fashioned many items out of wood. They sold wood products which were referred to as LOMBARDI. This gradually changed to the word – LUMBER.