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Dec 1, 2023

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Barbara, Barbarian, Lumber

Today’s words are – BARBARA, BARBARIAN, and LUMBER.

BARBARA means – foreign woman. To be BARBARIAN means – to be – FOREIGN, UNCOUTH. LUMBER means THAT MADE OUT OF WOOD. The Greek words – LONGI BARBI – means – long beard. The Latin word – BARBARA – means – foreign country. The Romans called the foreigners who settled in Italy LONGI BARBI because of their long beards. The LONGI BARBI consisted of BARBARAS OR BARBARIANS. This simply means that they were foreigners in the eyes of the Romans. In later years, their hometown was named after them, becoming known as the city of LOMBARDY. The LONGI BARBI were skilled woodworkers and made notable wooden crafts. LOMBARDY, therefore, became famous for LUMBER. Today LOMBARDY is still regarded for its wooden crafts and furniture.