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Another Historic Landmark In Jeopardy
Of Closing Its Doors Forever

PassaicPolishHome2forwebPolish Peoples’ Home of Passaic Needs Your Help

Dear Friend,

The Polish Peoples’ Home of Passaic, New Jersey has been a part of the Passaic community for over 100 years. We have had our doors open not only for the Polish people but for all the people of different nationalities and ethnicities. The Home has been dedicated to preserving culture through the organization of countless recreational, educational, religious, social, and family events. It is also a place where various organizations conduct regular meetings and rehearsals.

Now more than ever, our Polish Peoples’ Home of Passaic is in need of our support. This historic landmark is in jeopardy of closing its doors forever. Due to the current economic conditions and a lesser influx of new Polonians immigrating to the U.S., the Home has experienced a drastic decline in revenues. We are turning to you for help and asking for a donation of $1,000.00 which would allow us to continue to serve the local Polonia and the entire community. At this time any monetary donation would be appreciated. We are also looking for people to donate time and their expertise in an effort to complete an ongoing renovation project.

For the past 100 years we have been self-sufficient and have never asked for outside support. In this truly uncommon time of need, we are asking for your aid and assistance. Lastly, all donors will be acknowledged on a benefactor’s exhibit which will be on permanent display in the lobby of the Home.   We are in need of your help to continue our mission to uphold the Polish culture and tradition, and to continue to be a vital center in the Polish-American community.

Donations may be made by check, sent to our address at 1-3 Monroe Street, Passaic, NJ 07055.

Thank you for your continued support of our Home!

The Board of Directors
Polish Peoples’ Home of Passaic

Note: For more information, you can e-mail us at
or write to: Post Eagle, c/o Polish Peoples’ Home of Passaic