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Angry Cleaning

If you have never had the experience of Angry Cleaning……you don’t know what you are missing.  Your “to do list” will evaporate very quickly and your decorating and rearranging faculties will kick in to surpass your very own expectations.

This isn’t something that comes about too often, hopefully, but when it does you should take full advantage of its value.

Angry Cleaning is a lot better than being in a state of depression, sulking, or having a flow of tears.  Whoever or whatever got you to this point of wanting to scream……turn it around to your advantage.  When you are done with your Angry Cleaning, nothing will be more enjoyable to your emotions.

If you don’t realize the importance of “proper processing”….you will be at a loss.  If you can’t turn the negative emotions that have been dumped on you to your advantage, then you will be doing your body physical and emotional harm instead.

Always remember, what goes around, comes around.  Someone who is arrogant and criticizing, thinking that they can mouth off at others, hurt others and gain ground…will only place themselves on shaky ground, (maybe even quicksand) and they will lose their balance.

Keep your life flowing in a positive direction…..always…and let that which may disturb your inner-peace fall away by the wayside and not be re-visited in your thoughts again.  You cannot ever change another person, only yourself and how you react to them.  If you “keep on going back for more” you are taking years of time off of your own existence.

If the other person cannot figure out for themselves that they have erred big-time where you are concerned, give up while you are ahead of the game. There are some people who always have to be right, think they know more than anyone, and will keep up the façade and argument “till the cows come home”.

Good Luck. You have now successfully graduated in understanding….. and your future will be brighter and cleaner too!

Volume XII, Article 77