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Jun 12, 2024

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America, West Headed for Collapse?

By Robert Strybel

Why does everything seem to be deteriorating? Who is behind the “culture war” that is standing everything  on its head?  Many blame the “woke mob,” which only a few years ago hardly anybody had even heard of. People wonder how did they manage to take over the media, education, the corporate scene and entertainment industry so quickly? They didn’t. The hard-left revolution espoused by Woke has been in the making for over a century. Some of it is now even trickling over into Catholic Poland.

Back in the 1930s,  a group of Marxist scholars at Germany’s Frankfurt University  felt that communism could best achieved though culture and education, not bloodshed. When Hitler was coming to power, they fled to America and established themselves at Columbia and other leading universities. There they were free to philosophize and lecture, but made little impact beyond their local philosophy departments. After World War II America displayed little interest in revolution, peaceful or otherwise.

It wasn’t until the turbulent 1960s that the Frankfurt School came into its own. They welcomed the hippy revolution, the anti-war movement and the draft dodgers fleeing to Canada. That was also a time of political assassinations, bombings and violent leftist organizations. All that had helped set the stage for the gradual transition from liberal democracy to the leftist totalitarianism we face today. Contributing factors:

**The partial nudity of the 1950’s Playboy chic and Hollywood’s rejection of the Hays code of decency has given way to the hard-core porn, vulgarity and violence rampant on the Internet and throughout the entertainment industry today.

**Extreme forms of rock music have promoted an anarcho-leftist “anything goes” mindset creating generations of wild, disrespectful, out-of-control teenagers.

**The sexual and feminist revolutions have stereotyped the normal non-dysfunctional family as “patriarchal” and made the white hetero male “public enemy No. 1.”

**Sexual deviates began demanding the “right” to indoctrinate school children with pro-LGBT propaganda and have talked quite a few into sex-change therapy which often ends in suicide.

**Societal stability has also been undermined by the legalization of abortion, easy, no-fault divorce, the demographic crisis and the unchecked influx of illegal aliens.

**Whether or not they realize it, the woke mob has pushed the peaceful Neo-Marxist revolution closer than ever to its totalitarian conclusion.

Anyone who has spent sufficient time behind the “iron curtain” can see that  Woke’s dogmatism, intolerance, censorship, cancel culture and readiness to fire anyone not parroting the Marxist line are carbon copies of Stalin’s rule and Orwell’s novel “1984.” The gradual, go-slow approach of the Frankfurt School has largely succeeded because it gave people time to get used to even the most extreme notions. With the Federal Government and most of the country’s mainstream elites backing wokeness, any attempt to restore normality may now prove to be a daunting, nigh on impossible challenge.

Woke is one of the many Utopian schemes that have emerged throughout history. They all shared an idealized view of a “new world order” but none ever succeeded. Before collapsing in failure, many left death, destruction and misery in their wake. And yet, in no  time another new Utopian brainstorm would invariably pop up, because its advocates firmly believed that “this time things’ll be different.”  But they never were!