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Alimony – Palimony
Confiscate and Fiscal

The following words concerning money also have a Latin etymology.

ALIMONY comes from the Latin word – ALIMONIA – which means – SUSTENANCE.   The basic word here is the Latin verb ALO, ALERE – which means – TO NOURISH.  Apparently, the word money is inferred since the dictionary defines the word as -AN ALLOWANCE FOR SUPPORT.

PALIMONY is an allowance for support given by a person to a former lover or live in companion after they have separated. It is a combination of the words – PAL + ALIMONY.

The words: CONFISCATE and FISCAL also deal with money.  The Romans kept their coins in a twig woven basket.  The branches of the fig tree were the easiest to weave.  FISCUS is the Latin word for – FIG TREE.  Fig woven baskets were first used by the money collectors in church. The prefix – CON – comes from the Latin – CUM – which means – WITH or TOGETHER.