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ACPC Annual Convention Postponed Till 2021

The Polish American Arts Association was in full swing of making plans for the 2020 American Council for Polish Culture Convention in Washington, DC, this summer under the banner: “Celebrating Polish Culture in the Nation’s Capital.” At the same time, while proceeding with advance preparations, such as securing venues and planning programs, we were anxiously watching the news, mindful of the guidance from medical and government authorities due to the coronavirus pandemic and increasing restrictions on public gatherings. By mid March, the ACPC Executive Committee decided that instead of postponing from month to month and adding to uncertainty, it would be best to cancel this year’s convention. The PAAA offered to host the 2021 Convention and pick up from where the initial preparations were already underway and then go full speed when the situation in the country stabilizes. We want to make next year’s convention truly outstanding. A busy year lies ahead of us but we will be ready. In the meantime, the first and foremost thought in our minds should be to heed the guidelines on social distancing and other measures in order to help diminish the danger to ourselves and others and to keep all of us and our families healthy. Please stay safe.
Polish American Arts Association


Message from the President

Dear fellow PAAA members and friends,

You have noted that the ACPC 2020 Convention has been canceled due to restrictions on public gatherings and safety concerns during the coronavirus pandemic. I started the below message in January when the preparations for this summer’s activities were starting to take shape. When the pandemic struck, everything needed to be put on hold. However, we are still hosts of the next convention even if we have to wait a year for it. So I decided to leave the below paragraphs and just change the tenses to let you know how we plan to proceed when things return to normal, as we hope and pray that they will.

The PAAA looks forward to hosting the American Council for Polish Culture’s Convention in 2021, at the Lombardy Hotel in Washington, D.C. Tom Payne, former President of the ACPC, who also served as PAAA President for six years and is now its 1st Vice President, has been a coordinator for a number of past conventions and board meetings and we are happy to draw on his experience in making these arrangements. Cecilia Glembocki, along with other committee members, will be arranging for a tour of Washington attractions. Rose Kobylinski, Matthew Stefanski and Celia Larkin started to work on the Convention Souvenir Book and will pick up on it as soon as possible.

We plan to work with the Polish Embassy and hope to engage it in some of the events. During the past five years, the PAAA has developed a strong relationship with the Arts Club of Washington which agreed to make its historic mansion, the former home of President James Monroe, available for our meetings and daytime meals and for an evening event. The Lombardy Hotel is right next door to the Arts Club and offers charming, boutique style accommodations at specially negotiated rates. There is still a lot of work to be done to make the 2021 Convention a success and volunteers are welcome.

In the meantime, except for the newsletter, all our activities have been put on hold. Our May 31, 2020, membership meeting has been canceled for now. This year the terms of some executive officers and board members are expiring and we are looking at best ways to conduct elections, either by mail or at the next meeting if one can be arranged in early fall.

The PAAA Scholarship Committee selected this year’s grant recipients during an online Zoom meeting. Congratulation go to Jakub Lipowski, sophomore at University of Virginia, studying Biomedical Engineering; Olivia Dul, freshman at Georgetown University, majoring in Political Communications; Nichole Robak, sophomore at Georgetown University, majoring in Linguistics; and Ethan Walker, freshman at George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College, majoring in Art and Visual Technology. It wasn’t an easy job for the committee to make a selection from among an outstanding group of candidates and we are proud of each and every one of them. They will receive their grants by mail and be recognized and presented with certificates at the next membership meeting.

I am very pleased to welcome Matthew Stefanski as contributor to the newsletter. He is an excellent writer and photographer and has experience in public relations. He will be a real asset.

During this difficult time we have to look to and rely on each other for support. I hope each of you is healthy and coping well with this dreadful situation with the knowledge that it too will pass. Do take care and stay safe. Love to all.

Celia Larkin

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