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A Trip To Poland For Her Grandchildren

I had given much thought and decided to take my grandchildren to Poland so that they could see where their great grandparents came from. The other reason, so that they could understand why their grandparents enjoyed visiting Poland frequently.

JeanBabiec#2forweb  As my grandchildren are all rowers, it was difficult to find a tour that would enable all of them to be free at one time. Thaddeus just graduated from Boston University and Olivia just completed her Junior year at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She just recently finished rowing on the Henley in England. Catherine rows for Princeton and just completed her Freshman year at Princeton University in New Jersey.

In photo: Jean Babiec at head of table with her family and the Rogala Family from Mielec.

I made the decision that Jan Lewan had the most comprehensive tour of Poland and it would be at a time where they all could take this tour. Arrangements were made by PAT Tours and we were on our way – July 1st to the 11th. It was a great tour and Jan Lewan was a great host!

I can not believe the changes that have taken place in Poland since my last visit 9 years ago!

JeanBabiec#4• Sopot – beautiful beach – umbrellas, 2 seater sun chairs – all free of charge. Waitresses there to take your drink orders. Bike path with bike rentals.

• Krakow – vendors would spread their crafts on a blanket, and NOW, all in kiosks, large dept. stores including a huge galeria – multi floor store!

• Zakopane – Built up tremendously! Still keeping up with the traditional type homes but have added 1 or 2 stories to them.

• Food – still very good – low salt content. Freshly made.

• Wadowice – has changed from a quiet square to a visible, and with many statues of Saint John Paul and planters.

In photo: Jean Babiec with Sciroslawski Family – Krakow.

• Highway system unbelievable! Stop lights etc. Sound barrier walls, many gas stations with restaurants inside.  Food very good!

I would suggest a Jan Lewan Tour to Poland to anyone! A great trip with many highlights.

– By Jean Babiec

In photo below, left: Grandchildren with a lady (second from left) whose husband deals with Amber. In photo below, right:  Jean with Rev. Simon Stefanowicz and Jan Lewan – Our Lady of Czestochowa Church