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A Teacher Worth Talking About

My son has been going to Saint Joseph School in Webster, Ma since he was in Kindergarten.  This year he was in fourth grade, and his teacher was Sister Jeanne Marie Akalski, a Felician Sister. During the first week of school, I told Sister Jeanne how my son was sensitive and could use some help building up his confidence.  She immediately took initiative, taking him under her wing, and made sure he was at ease in her classroom.

I have yet to meet a teacher more dedicated to her students.  She stresses the importance of self discipline, respect, and kindness towards others. She teaches her students morals and values by emphasizing the beliefs of the Catholic church. She encourages her students to attend all church events, and my son has become passionate about his faith. She instructs her students on note-taking and how to study independently, two incredibly important skills to learn at such a young age. These fundamental skills will no doubt be carried throughout their educational career. She is incredibly creative and has the students doing fun projects that they really enjoy and are very proud of. She builds teamwork by teaching her students how to cooperate and work together. She is on point, always thinking ahead, and incredibly organized, which makes for smooth and productive days in her classroom. She is constantly rewarding her students with words of encouragement and awards, which is more incentive for them to  continue to strive to do well and take pride in their schoolwork. 

Sister Jeanne has had a tremendous positive impact on my son. He has grown immensely this year. He has become more confident, responsible, competent in his schoolwork, and  has learned to face challenges with a positive attitude. He has genuinely enjoyed his time spent in her classroom. 

Sister Jeanne is empathetic, compassionate, and puts her whole heart into teaching her students. She spends endless hours of her free time creating lesson plans and activities. Her kindness extends not only to her students, but also to the members of the church, the community, and anyone who reaches out to her. She has dedicated her life to helping her students and others.  She is selfless, and a very generous person. She trully loves and cares for her students. 

I have grown incredibly fond of Sister Jeanne. She has welcomed me with open arms when I barely knew her. She has offered a listening ear when I needed it, and always a gentle warm smile. 

Although my son is only in fourth grade, I’ve yet to believe that he will find a teacher that will offer him as much inspiration and guidance as she has had this year. I cannot be more grateful to have Sister Jeanne as part of the wonderful community of Saint Joseph School. Thank you Saint Joseph School for another amazing year and Sister Jeanne for making such an impact on my sons life and education. 

Sister Jeanne Marie Akalski is a member of the Felician Sisters and has served Saint Joseph school for many years. 

Submitted by Katie Marcuccio