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Jul 13, 2024

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A Reply To Michael Blichasz’s
Commentary On “Buy American”

Michael, I like your intentions for getting people to buy American but I have my doubts for any success that you are hoping for. Until you get to the crux of the problem, you are whistling in the wind.

The old adage that people vote their pocketbook holds true. When things get expensive, the populace will go out and buy imported goods which is all they probably can afford.

The solution to the problem you write about can only be corrected if and when our country  returns to the free enterprise system…and herein lies the problem. One cannot have a free enterprise system without freedom. We have relinquished our freedoms to  boards, commissions and authorities at the federal, state and local levels. In other words Mr. Blichasz, we have substituted free enterprise for a government controlled economy. Now, when and if you get your freedoms back, which means getting rid of most agencies, then free enterprise will flourish and that in all likelihood will bring back American goods to the market. Up until then, hopes are dim. Anyway, good luck in your endeavor.

Alexander Karwoski
Warminster, PA