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Sep 26, 2023

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A Psycho…logical Thriller


Do they have “a dual personality”……..what makes them tick you wonder…or are they ticking… ready to go off and explode with their mouth or actions without notice at any given time?

Some personalities are peaceful, some are argumentive, some are stubborn, some are just plain ole happy-go-lucky no matter what the world is throwing at them!

Then you have the people that are “focused and serious” about their life and their life’s work.  Still others are flighty, and flaky but living every moment of their life as if it was their last and somehow accomplishing things as they go along.

I may have missed a few…but you get the picture, take your pick.

The scariest is the “dual personality”….frightening to see them in action, never knowing which one will pop out into view.  You never, ever know what will set them off because “they are all over the place in their thinking”.

Then there are those personalities that are very needy when it comes to getting all the attention from everyone in their path.  They have to be “validated” constantly because somewhere along the line of their growth they were stifled by people and have never overcome those experiences.

So, the next time you have an encounter with someone, try and look into their eyes….the windows of their soul.  If you are insightful enough you will better be able to handle anyone crossing your path……properly.

“Surprise Personalities” are frightful and can be emotionally and or physically hurtful.

Many women have found out the hard way how fast a loving relationship can turn into an abusive relationship…it is the hidden personality that eventually, when pushed,…comes out to the surface. Always try to figure out what and who you are dealing with….male or female….what you see is not always what you get!

To ignore this aspect to life, you open yourself up to a “psycho-THRILLER”!  The kind that you can never forget or get over!

Volume XII, Article 53