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For birthdays and other occasions give your kids & grandkids:

A personalized gift of Polish heritage!

Your family name is a unique possession that originated for a reason. It can indicate who your distant ancestor’s father was, where he was from, what he did for a living or what he was like. A custom-researched surname analysis will tell your kids and grandkids the meaning of their Polish last name, how it originated, how many people share it, where they are from and whether a coat of arms goes with it. If one is found, the story behind it will eb included.

If interested, kindly airmail a $19 personal or bank (cashier’s) check or money order (adding $15 for each additional surname you wish to have researched) to Polonia’s long-standing Warsaw correspondent and onomastician (name researcher):

Robert Strybel
ul. Heroldów 25/36
01-991 Warsaw, Poland

As an added bonus, you will also be able to check your family records in Poland, track down ancestral homesteads and graves or possibly even turn up long-lost relatives thanks to a helpful genealogical contact sheet included with each order. To get the results via e-mail or for more information please contact:

The Prawdzic coat of arms was shared by the szlachta (noble) lines of over 500 variously surnamed Polish families. They included: Baranowski, Ząb, Dąbski Sowiński, Gulcz, Bielski, Cybulski, Szuba, Trębski, Zaremba, Kaski, Rudzki, Hładki and Gołębiowski.
20 Million Strong…and growing!!! The number of Polish-Americans residing in the U.S. has skyrocketed to a whopping 20+ million. As such, the Polonia community represents a highly affluent and influential market of decision makers that are ready, willing and able to purchase your goods and services.

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