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Apr 14, 2024

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A New Flag For Poland!!!

During my lifetime, as a 77 years young, “PROUD” and “OUTSPOKEN CHRISTIAN POLISH AMERICAN”, I have dwelt upon some way to create a loud and clear message to all others who may think less of Poland and its People.

My focus was not to rebut the ignorant aPolishFlagforwebnd denigrating Polish jokes, but rather, to inform those in the world at large of Poland’s monumental contributions to civilization over the past centuries.

Many historians, script writers and story creators who wrote the history books, have conveniently withheld too much of the world’s true historical events from our educational systems and our future generations. Such withholding of Poland’s true history, borders on bullying Poland who was under despotic rule and unable to correct those fantasies!

How do we begin to tell the world of Poland’s true history, of its Polish thinkers, artists, builders, engineers, Poland’s system of education, of its sacrifices, of its contributions to the sciences, and Poland’s “first creation” of a Constitution and a democratic form of government, not to mention, those Polish Patriots that helped give birth to America?

How do we create a new Polish image to inform the world of Poland’s new identity and its new role in international affairs? Simple, create a new Flag for Poland.

Poland’s current flag is a solid White Field over a solid Red Field.  It is my belief, that the White Field represents Fidelity, while the Red Field represents the enormous bloodshed of the Polish people over the centuries.

Several years ago, I had the White Eagle redrawn, turning its head straight forward, watching vigilantly at its viewer, to express Poland’s new vigilance of the world’s action, while on its breast a crucifix. I envisioned this eagle being added to the center of Poland’s current flag.

Recently, I sent copies of my NEW Polish Eagle to the Polish President and Prime Minister, and to the leaders of Poland’s Senate and Congress (SEJM).

If you believe like I do that a new Polish flag is needed to create a new Polish image, please write to:

Prezydent Bronislaw Komorowski, Kancelaria Prezyndenta Rzeczpospolitej Polskie, ul. Wiejska 10, 00-902, Warszawa, Polska
Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrow, Al. Ujasdowskie 1/3, 00-583, Warszawa, Polska
Marshal Bogdan Borusewicz, Kancelaria Senatu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, ul. Wiejska 6, 00-902, Warszawa, Polska
Marshal Ewa Kopacz, Kancelaria Sejmu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, ul. Wiejska 4/6/8, 00-902, Warszawa, Polska

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlso a tee shirt is available with the new Polish eagle on it to move this effort ahead. See its availability in this issue of the Post Eagle. Get one for yourself, your Polish friends, and if you know someone in Poland, send a tee shirt off to them.

I am available for any information, or artwork at or write to: 20 McKinley Avenue, Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331.

Sto Lat!
Gerald “Skee” Gesiorski

P.S.  ADDITIONALLY,  I am writing to the Pope, seeking his Encyclical or other Papal Directive, for all Christian Nations to place a Crucifix on their flags, to unify, establish, empower them and identify Christianity as a factor to be dealt with, should our Christian Way of Life be challenged or be denied. It is high time that Christians stop taking the back seat of the bus, so that all those other pseudo religions may have the religious freedom they are determined to deny to all others who are unlike themselves.

Join in with this effort to bring Polish People the respect they deserve!!!