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Apr 20, 2024

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A Calm In The Midst of A Storm

If you are in a boat in the middle of the ocean and a storm appears on the horizon, you have but two choices.  You can either flip out and lose control, or stay calm and try to survive it.  One way or the other this decision is yours….sink or swim.

Many people lose their control and make their decisions and responses emotionally. They may try to side-step it or walk the other way, and this is not, I repeat, this is not throwing in the towel.  It is merely preserving your health and sanity and guaranteeing your survival of other events that may come along.

People verbally and physically attack each other in this lifetime……I wonder what they’ll do in the next lifetime…if they haven’t already learned their lessons here!

Whatever happened to the importance of “doing the right thing” before you create a storm cloud over other people?  If you constantly start something but then you drop the ball and go off in another direction, leaving open ends, matters in the air, and people hanging…you are a walking cloud ready to cause a storm!

Time spent on this earthly plane is a privilege, it should not be a nerve wracking challenge brought on by another person’s lack of vision, expertise or common sense or courtesy.  When someone “shows their colors” by exuding the “it’s all about me” agenda…get ready for a storm sooner or later as a result of their arrogance.

We are put here for a reason and given lessons in life to learn “to survive”.  When ignored…….good luck….expect a storm sooner or later.  Step out of the boat, swim, float or “walk on water” to get to land and celebrate your God given insight to weather any storm or any clouds or any stormy people!

You are better than that and you should be “higher-minded” than that too!


Volume XII, Article 56