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85% of New Yorkers Can Prepare & E-File
Their State Income Taxes For Free!

E-filers receive their refunds twice as fast as paper filers – get started today

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance today kicked off the income tax season with valuable news for New Yorkers – new this year, 85% of taxpayers can e-file their state returns for free.  

The Department is accepting e-filed income tax returns for the 2013 tax year through its Web site ( effective immediately.

“Last year, nearly 90% of New Yorkers opted to e-file their personal income tax returns,” said Commissioner Thomas H. Mattox.  “Join them – right now – since it is safe, secure, and you’ll receive your refund up to two times faster than if you submit a paper return.”

Two options make it possible for 85% of New York State taxpayers to e-file for free:

1. Free State and Federal E-Filing: Two out of three New Yorkers can prepare and e-file their federal and state returns at no cost through an approved e-file software provider available from the Tax Department’s Web site –  The taxpayer’s adjusted gross income in 2013 must be $58,000 or less.

Taxpayers should be sure to select an e-file option on the Department’s Web site to avoid being unexpectedly charged for their state return.

2. New this year – New York State Web File: Most New Yorkers – of all income levels – can prepare and e-file their New York State tax return directly at the Department’s Web site.  Eligibility requirements are available online.

“You cannot be charged to e-file your state return – it’s the law,” Commissioner Mattox added.  “But taxpayers are often caught off-guard when software providers require them to pay to prepare their state return.  Use the free options directly from our Web site to ensure you’re not charged.”

Credit-Only Filers

More than 212,000 New Yorkers, who are not required to file income tax returns, file credit forms for refunds each year.   For the first time, these individuals and families will be able to electronically file their forms – and receive their refunds twice as fast as they have in the past.  The accepted credit forms are Form IT-214, Real Property Tax Credit and Form NYC-210, New York City School Tax Credit.

The filing deadline is April 15th this year, but don’t delay; file early to get your refund as soon as possible.

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