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4th Polish Global
Economic Forum Set For
August 26-27, 2019

We are honored and pleased to invite you to the 4th Polish Global Economic Forum, which will be held in Tarnów, Poland on August 26-27, 2019.

The forum is dedicated to entrepreneurs, business environment organizations, science, culture and the media operating in every geographical latitude, which is connected not only by economics, but also by economic patriotism, heritage, national identity, history and language.

The Forum is attended by delegations from over 30 countries around the world and from all continents. They represent over 100 international business environment organizations. During the Forum, proposals and product, cooperative and investment offers are presented. The guests of the Forum are also economics experts, experts on international markets as well as representatives of the Government, the Parliament and the Self-Government of the Republic of Poland.

As Forum organizers, we are providing excellent offers and an attractive programs to choose from while visiting Poland.  During the Forum, there will be economic debates, discussion panels, networking and B2B meetings, the Business Gala and the presentation of the annual “Eagle of Business” awards in the category: company, organization and personality. The organizers anticipate many attractions and surprises.

A detailed program, registration and all information are available on our website .

Forum Organizers
Economic Union of Poles in the World
& Pegaz & City of Tarnów
Polsko-Polonijna Unia Gospodarcza

Click here for brochure and program

Zaproszenie Forum KPL