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Katyn Monument In Jersey City Litigation

Dear Friends,

NEW JERSEY – Hudson County Superior Court Judge Martha D. Lynes has denied the Exchange Place Alliance’s motion to dismiss Counts 2 and 3 of our court case against the Jersey City Planning Department and Exchange Place Alliance District Management Corporation, which we are pursuing in defense of the Katyn Monument. The denial was issued with prejudice, our court action remains whole, and we are proceeding with the case.

IN PHOTO: KATYN MONUMENT with an over five foot concrete wall erected in front of it in 2023.

The Katyn Monument is undoubtedly one of the most important and well-known symbols of the genocide of Poles during WW2. Unfortunately, the actions of the Jersey City Planning Department and Exchange Place Alliance District Management Corporation have created serious issues. The most egregious issues are their placement of a concrete wall in front of the Monument and their annexation of a large portion of the public plaza surrounding it for private use. The wall serves no other purpose but to obstruct access to the Monument, which thereby obscures, degrades, and marginalizes it. As you know, the current political environment encourages the rewriting of history and this revisionism has become increasingly fallacious and antagonistic toward Poland and the Polish people. We must defend our historical truth and our Memorials. The wall in front of the Katyn Monument must be removed!

IN PHOTO: KATYN MONUMENT with unobstructed access in 2019.

Our court action costs money and we urgently need your financial support. Please donate generously. The PASI Educational Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations to the PASI Educational Organization are tax deductible. We do not have paid employees or expensive offices. Your donation will only be used to pay our attorney and court fees.

To better understand the issues involved in the Katyn Monument lawsuit, please look at the enclosed documents: 1) First Amended Complaint and 2) Planning Report supporting our litigation prepared by Carlos Rodrigues, a professional city planner licensed in New Jersey. Your help in distributing this letter and the two enclosed documents is earnestly solicited and greatly appreciated.

For more information contact PASI Educational Organization, Gene Sokolowski, 13952 Greendale Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22191

Edward Wojciech Jesman, President
Polish American Strategic Initiative (PASI)
(310) 291-2681

Submitted by PASI