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UNMASKED: The Music of
Andrew Lloyd Webber At The Paper Mill

By Jim Dombrowski

NEW JERSEY – Over the past ten years, the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ has continued to be one of the best venues in America to see a Broadway show. The New Jersey gem gained national attention after receiving a Tony Award for Best Regional Theatre a few years ago which was well deserved.

The Paper Mill Playhouse has also become the best place to launch a Broadway bound show with a one month run in Millburn to showcase the viability of the multimillion dollar expenses needed to put a show on the Great White Way.

“UNMASKED  – The Music of Andrew Lloyd Weber” is making its’ world premiere at the Paper Mill.  The show which runs until March 1st may not go to Broadway but it’s going on a National Tour. The cast of the show is the best cast I’ve ever seen assembled at the Paper Mill. The show is Five Stars, and if you have never seen a Andrew Lloyd Weber production you will definitely enjoy the songs.  

In photo: Jad Dombrowski chats with Mauricio Martinez who made his Paper Mill Playhouse debut in “UNMASKED – The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber”.  Mauricio is from Mexico and an International Emmy Award winner.  He has stared in Telemundo and Netflix shows and has appeared in many telenovelas for Univision.  His appearance on Broadway was memorable as he played Emilio Estefan in “On Your Feet! The Story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan .”  Jad asked Mauricio, who sang two of the iconic songs from Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita, how he is able to have such a range which spans from the very highest notes to the lowest notes.  Jad queried if a person can be be trained to gain such an ability. A confident Mauricio proudly said it was a gift that he has since he was a little boy.  “You cannot train your vocal chords to sing both soprano and baritone.  I was born with it,” noted Mauricio.  

Photos by Jim Dombrowski
The All- Star cast of “UNMASKED “ salutes the reason for the show, Andrew Lloyd Weber, who’s Broadway and British productions rival Rogers and Hammerstein.  The show runs through March 1 and is a must see.