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May 23, 2024

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God Speed To Warsaw

The President, Frank J. Spula, the Executive Committee, and the Membership of the Polish American Congress (PAC)  wished President Trump and the United States officials, who traveled  with him to Warsaw for the THREE SEAS CONFERENCE, a pleasant and productive visit.  Polish Americans are proud that our kin country Poland is now the key country of the Intermarium, the lands between the Adriatic, Black and Baltic Seas, and host of this important conference.

The PAC has been expressing its strong support for economic growth in the Intermarium and applauds the Trump Administration’s decision to help this region to end its dependence on Kremlin controlled natural gas and oil.  The sale of liquefied natural gas to this region will benefit American energy companies.

President Spula recently issued a Legislative Action Alert to the PAC’s 18  State Divisions to request Members of the House of Representatives to follow the lead of Senate Resolution 722 and to vote for continuing sanctions against the Kremlin for its serial violations of international law since 2008, and especially for its use of armed force to change internationally recognized borders in Georgia, Crimea, and Ukraine (Donbas).

The PAC, a founding member of the Central and East European Coalition (CEEC), which represents the interests of approximately 25 million United States citizens, whose kin countries are located in the Intermarium,  remind President Trump that the military deterrent to Russian aggression in Poland, the Baltic States and Romania needs to be as effective as was the Berlin Brigade during the Cold War.

The PAC and all the member organizations of the CEEC ask President Trump to be vigilant as the Kremlin’s 2017 ZAPAD War Games approach.  The aggressive scenario of this year’s game, which will involve at least 100,000 troops, is:  Russia repels NATO’S invasion of Belarus.

Together with all the other member organizations of the CEEC, the PAC encourages President Trump to follow through on reviewing Poland’s accession to the State Department’s Visa Waiver Program.

Polish Americans are proud that President Trump’s first stop on his trip to Europe was to our kin country Poland.

By John D.A. Czop