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275 People Stampede Through Clifton

On Sunday, November 16, 2014 beginning at 9:00 a.m., 275 participants of all ages raced through the streets of Clifton in the Clifton Recreation Department’s 17th Annual 5k Stampede through Clifton. The top three finishers in each age group received medals, Recreation Dollars, and various coupons. Awards were also presented to the top police officer, top firefighter, top doctor/chiropractor, top educator, “first family”, the oldest and youngest runners, as well as the “Top Recruiter”. Participants received a T-shirt and gift bags. Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the race.

In photo with Mayor of Clifton, Jim Anzaldi, Overall Male Winner Alex Alvarado & Overall Female Winner Megan Davey. 

Local organizations and businesses sponsored the event. Clifton Recreation would like to thank: A-Flight Sports Softball Leagues; Abundant Life Chiropractic – Dr. Malba; Clifton Roadrunners Club; Eickhoff Family Wellness Center; Healing Hands Rehab Inc.; Modell’s Sporting Goods of Clifton; New Balance North Jersey; Objective Physical Therapy & Rehab.; Albert J. Pogorelec, D.O.; Pure Balance Center; R & J Land Care LLC; The Shopper’s Guide; Sovereign Martial Arts Xtreme-Workout; and UNO Chicago Grill. Other supporters that donated to the race were: Chevy’s, Clifton Bagel & Pizza, Cups of Clifton, DMO Fitness, Gerry D’s Catering, Hot Bagels Abroad, Moe’s Southwestern Grill, and Plaza Bagel & Deli. Several of the sponsors were on hand at the race to talk to the runners and distribute giveaways to all participants.

This year’s overall winner in the male category was 32-year-old Alex Alvarado of Belleville clocking in with a final time of 16:56.2. This year’s overall winner in the female category was 17-year-old Megan Davey of Clifton clocking in with a final time of 20:34.4. Each of these overall winners received a trophy and various gift certificates.

The 1st thru 3rd place winner in each age category are as follows:

10 And Under Females: Mary-Clair Davey, Denise Dubbels

10 And Under Males: Jacob Heredia, Samuel Carter, Brandon Schimmel

11: 14 Year Old Females: Andrea Dubbels, Grace Shukaitis, Salma Saheli

11: 14 Year Old Males: Dylan Carter, Joseph Petti, Kyle Zlotkowski

15: 19 Year Old Females: Olivia Demuro, Janie Mackin, Kara Mackin

15: 19 Year Old Males: Edgar Aguilar, Robert Pasch, Matthew Belloise

20: 24 Year Old Females: Caroline Sanchez, Brittney Conti, Jeannine Termyna

20: 24 Year Old Males: Evan Wasek, Samir Sheth, Nash Wojdyla

25: 29 Year Old Females: Theresa Rapavi, Jessica Riviera, Claudia V Zevallos

25: 29 Year Old Males: Jay Lemos, Miguel Portela, Bryan Manfria

30: 34 Year Old Females: Kate Hyde, Erin Lenik, Cathy Maslowski

30: 34 Year Old Males: Daniel Flynn, Christian Focacci, Michael Smith

35: 39 Year Old Females: Alison Ricca, Elizabeta Wyke, Claudia Gibney

35: 39 Year Old Males: Shinsuke Adachi, Andre Cruz, Rigoberto Vazques

40: 44 Year Old Females: Joenice Schulz, Donna Meeker O’Rourke, Eduarda Ramirez

40: 44 Year Old Males: Louis Schimmel, Francisco Lopez, Abel Aguilar

45: 49 Year Old Females: Anne Akers, Ellen Zaleski, Michele Garth

45: 49 Year Old Males: Juan Garcia, Esly Panduro, Sabino Romano

50: 54 Year Old Females: Patricia Butcher, Mona Jha, Laurie Lenkel

50: 54 Year Old Males: Michael Los, Robert Kluck, Robert Mcgill

55: 59 Year Old Females: Carol-Ann Manfria, Nina Porradino, Tina Caggia

55: 59 Year Old Males: Emil Estok, Jim Olivola, Louis Cervino

60: 64 Year Old Females: Jacqueline Seltzer, Gaby Aguirre, Marie Lotz

60: 64 Year Old Males: Phil Whittington, Stephen Demaio, Michael Hurlbut

65: 69 Year Old Females: Orfelina Pena, Angela Scafidi, Marlene Holzli

65: 69 Year Old Males: Marty Slutzky, Eugene Vater, Glenn Jacobs

70 And Over Females: Kathleen Dubbels, Rita Frank,

70 And Over Males: Cy Yannarelli, Arch Seamans, Joe Holzli


Winners of the specialty categories are as follows:

Top Educator: Patricia Butler

Top Chiropractor/Doctor: Louis Schimmel

Top Police Officer: Esly Pandora

Top Firefighter: Andre Cruz

First Family: Aguilar Family

Youngest Participant: Nick Bray, age 7

Oldest Participant: Bill Welsh, age 85

Special Olympics: Coming in first place was Brian Counterman Jr., second place went to Andrew Mauro, and third place went to Alexxa Petti. Other participants were Cathy Parks Tiffany Sheppard, Tiffany, Smith, Vincent Caggia, Daniel Jaeger, Joe Brown, and Joseph Svec.

Top Recruiter: DMO Fitness

We look forward to an even bigger race in 2015.