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“Can Can” Can Make You Laugh

NEW JERSEY – Over the past 75 years, Opening Night at the Paper Mill Playhouse is always exciting, and in October when the new season begins there’s a spark in the air making Milburn the place to be if you are a fan of Broadway productions. As a critic of Broadway shows for nearly 40 years, having reviewed many shows in NYC and NJPAC, the setting in Milburn, NJ is as comfortable and affordable as any location in America.

“Can-Can” opened the 2014/15 season with an exhilarating revival of an American standard made famous in the 50’s when rock and roll was creating a buzz and the post World War II Americans having suffered through the 30’s and 40’s looked to the “Gay 90’s” as a time of frivolity. The premise of the days of burlesque brought to America from Paris in the early 1900’s is a theme of light-hearted entertainment with a twist of the risqué which has always differed from the strong Quaker influence that seems to run contrary in American society.

In photo: Jad Dombrowski, 10 years old, of North Arlington, New Jersey, son of Post Eagle critic James Dombrowski greets “Paper Mill Playhouse” long time supporter and New Jersey’s oldest living former Governor Brendan Byrne. Photo by James Dombrowski 

In 2014 the themes expressed in “Can-Can” are far from x-rated stemming from a changing climate that began in the sexual revolution of the 70’s culminating in today’s world of inclusion of every mind set and gender. Yet, the revival with a correlation to the mega screen success of “Pretty Woman” which launched the career of super star Julia Roberts always intrigues audiences when love, money and power are juxtaposition in a story line.

You will not be disappointed in “Can-Can’s” revival with a carefully rewritten version by Joel Fields and David Lee, and all of Cole Porter’s music and lyrics will make you sing in your seats.

The show runs through October 26 at the Paper Mill Playhouse For tickets call 973-376-4343 for more info.

By James Dombrowski