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2017 – Year of Kosciuszko

Celebrating the 200 Year Legacy of Thaddeus Kosciuszko

The Kosciuszko Foundation is pleased to announce that it has established the Kosciuszko Commemoration Fund which is dedicated to assisting the Polish American community in celebrating the UNESCO-declared Year of Kosciuszko which marks the 200-year legacy of General Thaddeus Kosciuszko since his passing in 1817.

The fund is created from public donations and sponsorships, and will be used toward supporting a variety of projects throughout the country that stimulate community involvement, increase awareness and highlight the legacy and role of T. Kosciuszko in shaping the history of Poland and the United States.

One of the projects carried out by the Kosciuszko Foundation is taking a leading role within the Polish-American community to coordinate efforts with the NY State Department of Transportation with commemorating Thaddeus Kosciuszko on the New Kosciuszko Bridge in New York City.

The first part of the bridge is currently under construction and planned to be opened in Spring 2017, will be one of the most recognizable landmarks, not only in the NYC, but also in the U.S. As it was agreed, the bridge’s name plaques will be visible on the new pillars and two more will need to be manufactured for the second part of the bridge – to be completed in approximately three years. Additional ideas include placing information boards, sidewalk mosaics, photo-op elements and other local attractions commemorating Thaddeus Kosciuszko on the site of the bridge and in its vicinity.

The Kosciuszko Foundation is also working closely with institutional partners, organizations and individuals to create a commemoration program for 2017 that will provide everyone interested with an opportunity to engage and participate in celebrations of this historic year. Some of the initiatives include special exhibits, concerts, kids and educational events, public gatherings, talks and screenings. A full roster of KF co-/hosted and co-/sponsored commemoration projects and activities will be featured throughout the year on the KF website.

KosciuszkoGen. Thaddeus Kosciuszko (1746-1817) was a national hero in Poland and the United States; freedom fighter and military leader; ardent advocate for the rights of European serfs, African Slaves, Native American Indians, Jews, Women and all other disenfranchised social groups on two continents; engineer and creator of the West Point. Kosciuszko was a precursor of the development of national awareness in its modern sense, embodiment of the principle of tolerance, called by Thomas Jefferson “the purest son of liberty, I have ever known.”

Please support the Kosciuszko Commemoration Fund and help us spread awareness and the legacy of this one of the greatest Polish pioneers.

For more information please contact us at: 212-734-2130 or