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Letters 7-17-13

Article By Catholic League Is Inaccurate

Re: Media Blackout of Beheaded Priest

The article submitted by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights  [“Media Blackout of Beheaded Priest”,  July 10, 2013] was inaccurate.  As well as disturbing.

In the first place, when something is reported by the Fox Show and not by any other major news agency, one should suspect that the story is not quite accurate. – if not altogether false.  Why did a Catholic/Christ-centered organization repeat a story it had not checked?

Father Francoise Murad was indeed killed. The Franciscan priest  was shot inside his church in the northern Syrian Christian village of Ghassaniyeh on June 23.  [The Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land report that he was shot by the al-Nusra Front. The militants reportedly accused Father Murad of working with Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime.]

The beheading video was filmed several months before Father Murad was shot.   It was an altogether different tragedy.  It shows three men (identities unknown) kneeling on the ground surrounded by a group of foreign jihadists, now thought to be a group of Chechen rebels.  Father Murad was not there; he was not either of the two people killed.

All these deaths are very sad.  Very savage.  Please let us not emphasize the bad guys’ religion at the expense of mourning the good guys’ deaths.  This is an inhuman civil war – one of whose casualties was a priest who lived his life searching for peaceful co-existence and empathy for mankind.  We should all pray for the peace that Father sought.

For further information, see:

Marilyn Wikiera Jose


Organized Labor And The Absence of It

Dear Christine,

Oh, how I love the country of my four grandparents.

The greatest change in present day Polonia is the same as in the American people. Namely, it is a recognition of organized labor and the absence thereof.

Organized labor fought battles and won them all: foreign and domestic, where the hearts of the “significant others” were concerned. The friends and family, the builders of dreams.

In conclusion, present day Poland should abolish the Catholic control of the people’s lives.

T. JEFFERSON (dreamer)
Jersey City 2013